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What Is A Knowledge Base?

A Knowledge Base is a collection of articles which your customers can browse or search in order to find answers to their technical support questions. This is an invaluable tool for any business, big or small. The traditional wisdom is that--on the average--every technical support call made to your offices costs your business approximately $30. Thus, a tool which gives your customers the answers they need before they call will pay for itself many times over.

The knowledge base component of beetleTek is designed to mimic the files-and-folders format of the Windows Explorer. Your library of articles is divided into categories and subcategories, leveled as deeply you choose. Your customers can browse the directory for the topics that match their needs, or they can use the search feature to find answers.

  • Writing articles - Write articles for your knowledge base using your web browser and your beetleTek Admin pages. beetleTek uses simple but powerful formatting features, allowing you to add font characteristics, images, bulletted lists, and many other options to your articles. If you have several employees, you can choose which employees are allowed to write articles for the knowledge base.

  • Publishing articles - Once an article is written, it does not automatically appear on your knowledge base website. It must first be published. Publishing is done by the employees you assign as editors. Editors review articles that other employees have written, and decide if and where they should be published. Editors also have the ability to edit articles before publishing them.

  • Searching - Each article has a set of 'keywords' associated with it. The keyword list is created by the author and/or editor. This list is invisible to the end user, but is used to generate search results. If a user searches for something that is not in the keyword list for any articles, the beetleTek engine does a full text search of the articles.

  • Search Term Analysis - Search terms used by customers are tracked over time, so you can find out what the most common questions are. This allows you to understand what kinds of information your customers need, and provide that information for them.

  • Customizing - The appearance of your knowledge base is customizeable; you can add your own company logo and name, as well as contact information. You can also edit the color scheme of the site, and even use your own icons for the files and folders in the knowledge base. This flexibility will allow you to create a site which more closely matches your company's website.

  • What Is A Trouble Ticket?

    A Trouble Ticket is a conversation between a customer and a technical support staff member. This conversation is carried out over the internet, using the web browser and email. The conversation begins when a customer decides that their 'issue' is not covered by any articles in the knowledge base. The customer enters their question, and it goes into a queue for technicians to view. After a technician reads the question, he can decide to 'open' it, which gives him responsibility for the issue.

    Once a tech has opened the ticket, he can suggest a possible solution to the problem, or request more information. The customer will receive an email notification that the trouble ticket has been processed. The tech's response can be viewed through the web browser, and the customer can post a new response. The conversation continues in this manner until the customer is satisfied that the issue has been resolved.

    beetleTek Trouble Ticket provides the framework for this online conversation to occur. A database tracks the conversation and allows the interaction to be viewed by the customer, the technician, and (optionally) an administrator whose job is to review the work done by the support staff.

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    beetleTek is a web based software product of Virtu Software.