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Last year my brother and I (who both run online businesses) began looking for systems to help us manage our technical support. We wanted a system which would allow us to build a knowledge base for our customers, and also provide a method for handling technical support inquiries through a web browser.

What we found was distressing. It was not unusual to find knowledge base systems that charged a whopping $.35 to $.50 per article per month! This meant that a knowledge base with 1000 articles would cost about twelve thousand dollars per year!.

So Jon began crunching numbers, and I began writing the code, determined to come up with a solution that would be perfect for the little guy. When the number crunching was done, we had crunched those prices down by about 90% (no joke!) In the beetleTek system, a knowledge base with 1000 articles costs just slightly over $1,000 per year! That's a savings of about $11,000 per year!

How did we do it? Simply put, we designed a system that is compact, easy to use, and avoids the bells and whistles that only big companies would want. Things like search wizards that intelligently interpret questions, or email responders that attempt to interpret emails and answer questions. These are great for the big guys, but if you only have 200 to 1000 articles in your knowledge base, do you really need to spend megabucks for that?

If you are a large corporation, I encourage you to shop around, because you will probably find other systems elsewhere that are better suited to your needs. But if you are one of the 'little guys', once you're done shopping around, I think you'll agree...there's no place like beetleTek.

Number Crunching If you want to get a better sense for our pricing, just enter two numbers (minimum: 50) in the spaces below, and hit the 'Crunch!' button. My ladybug friend will run the calculations for you, and spit out a little report giving your yearly beetleTek cost.

number of knowledge base articles

number of tech support calls per month

Our pricing is a retroactive style pricing; you pay a flat fee for the first quarter, and then each successive quarter you pay based on your usage of the system during the previous quarter.

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beetleTek is a web based software product of Virtu Software.