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Online technical support tools for the little guy
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If you are a small business owner, you are aware of how expensive web based tools can be. Budget restrictions can force you to turn away from solutions that can help your business grow and be successful online. One important piece of the puzzle for any business--online or not--is a technical support system.

The Lady Bug is the perfect logo for beetleTek, for a variety of reasons:
  • beetleTek is designed for the 'little guys'--small business owners who don't want to pay the enormous fees associated with online tech support systems.

  • beetleTek is a small, easily managed system. You don't pay for more than you need, because beetleTek is compactly designed.

  • The lady bug is one of the most beneficial beetles around, eating aphids and other plant-devouring insects. And so, while we might wish our gardens didn't have any bugs at all, we gladly accept the lady bug, recognizing that she helps manage all the other bugs.

  • A complete technical support system includes both a searchable knowledge base and a trouble ticket system. With these two components, a customer who is having problems can first search a database of articles which may provide answers to their questions. If an answer is not found, the customer can open a 'trouble ticket'. A trouble ticket allows the customer and the tech support staff to keep a written record of every communication regarding the technical support issue.

    Unfortunately, small business solutions for online technical support are far and few between. Sure, there are plenty of systems out there, but at a minimum of $100 per month they can hardly be considered reasonable for small businesses.

    Virtu Software is working to develop a Knowledge Base and Trouble Ticket system for small businesses. Our system will significantly reduce the cost of maintaining technical support online. How? It's very simple. The 'big boys' have all spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing 'fuzzy logic' algorithms, which allows the database to 'intelligently' interpret your questions. If your knowledge base contains 50 thousand articles, this kind of artificial intelligence is crucial in analyzing your customer's needs. However, if your knowledge base contains only five hundred articles, paying for high tech solutions is tantamount to flushing good money down the drain.

    So whether you operate a software business, a hardware business, or an engineering firm, this web based software will be perfect for you. Even if your company or organization doesn't have a website, that's not a problem; your knowledge base and trouble ticket system will be hosted on our servers, making us a perfect solution for your small business development.

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    beetleTek is a web based software product of Virtu Software.